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What They Do

BTC Falcon Bank provides funding to mining companies, and in return those mining companies give back 1/2 their mined hashpower (profits) to repay their loans to BTC Falcon with interest.


Currently, BTC Falcon is providing funding for over 300 mining companies. This produces an enormous hashpower output as though the BTC Falcon bank was a major mining company itself... yet they don't require any of the necessities of a mining operation such as the major expenses like mining machines and electricity. There are no overhead costs, so BTC Falcon's cost to operate is ZERO!!

ZERO electricity costs

ZERO facility costs
ZERO manpower costs
ZERO maintenance costs

All the costs are inured by the mining companies we fund, and YOU enjoy the profits!

All payments go DIRECTLY to your Bitcoin wallet!

No recruiting required, 100% Passive.  Lucrative optional rewards plan.

How Money Is Earned

Because only the most profitable alt coins with the lowest mining difficulty and the biggest profit margins are mined. It then is exchanged to Bitcoin and that is how you are paid! Since mining Bitcoin and Ethereum is not profitable, this strategy is massive!

All payments go DIRECTLY to your Bitcoin wallet!


Fastest Growing Industry
Investment Banking Industry
Private Bank-1st Swiss Private bank operating since 1965
2017 BTC Falcon opened their Cryptocurrency division

Most Popular Plans

Daily Plan (1% daily for 6 months paid Daily - DIRECT TO YOUR WALLET)

Weekly Plan (7.6% weekly for 1 year (paid every Monday - DIRECT TO YOUR WALLET)



BONUS: Keep your funds in for the 1st 4 weeks & company DOUBLES YOUR INVESTMENT! - (most chosen plan!)


Monthly Plan
Quarterly Plan
Bi-Annual Plan