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Private Shareholder Community

This company earns for it's shareholders by diversifying only in profitable sectors of online and offline business.

Here you can relax and receive passive monthly profit of 13% - 20% each and every month like clockwork.

Along with your monthly profits, you also receive shares in the company as an added BONUS! Once shares are gone, they are gone.

You will be benefit greatly by receiving monthly profit, but life as a shareholder will be eye-opening.

With 3 office locations and growing, they will soon enter the stock market, making this one of your most valuable assets.

Whatever else you are doing, this business IS THE ONE you can rely on for a rainy day, or for supplemental monthly income.

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Club Cash Fund

The stress free way to earn cash directly to your mailbox.

(Currently offered only in the U.S., so if you reside elsewhere, please view the other offers on this page.)

This 4-year old company pays Cash payments to it's members, and even provides a free rotator and guaranteed fast-track bonus payments when you join at the Pro level.

If bitcoin isn't your thing and you want a real cash business, this is it!

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Traffic Wave

This is your way to a sustainable 5-figure business. Just watch the powerful 9-minute video and see for yourself.

Nothing to do with bitcoin or trading, simply a real business, providing a real tool and paying in real money.

A must-have business for longevity... PLUS, you'll find yourself addictive to using the tool!

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Cross Trade Capital

Running offline for 13 years and now online since early 2017...

...CrossTrade Capital offers a 10% weekly return and makes it affordable for anyone to get started.

Easily test it out with a mere $100!

Funding and withdrawal is done through Bitcoin only.

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Cloud Token

One of the top passive earners around.

Easier than opening a bank account!

Use this free cryptocurrency wallet to make 8% - 12% interest on your crypto every single day.


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If you love passive income without having to sponsor, then you will love CashFX!

Earn up to 15% per week with this trading platform.

There is no need to sponsor anyone to earn.

TIP: Use your earnings to upgrade to higher and higher levels that earn you even more.

It's a total WIN-WIN!

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