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👀 "How To Earn 8% PER DAY Using The EXCLUSIVE 6:1 Strategy"

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1. Download Trust Wallet or MetaMask Wallet

2. Add Smart Chain to your wallet & fund with BNB

3. Open your Metamask or Trust Wallet 📲

4. 'Paste' link below into your wallet's browser 👇 DO NOT CLICK IT - COPY AND PASTE IT

5. Enter a BNB amount, and click 'Bake Beans' (keep at least $10 in your wallet at all times for gas fees) Click 'Approve' (your deposit will show up soon.) [Minimum is 0.01 BNB about $5.00]

6. Follow the 6:1 Rule. When you receive rewards, Re-bake as many times per day as you want. Do this 6 days per week. Withdraw on the 7th.

Tutorials Coming Soon