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IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS (Read everything on this page)

When you complete your download and open your APP... Click "Create Account" and Copy & Paste this referral code: 4592335908

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Apple Users: You may need to edit your settings to allow the APP to download (Settings>General>Device Management>Click on the YFC Technologies>click trust)

Set Up Tutorial Instructions

IMPORTANT: Once you have installed the APP, you MUST CONTACT ME via email or Facebook (or I will not know you registered) so I can set you up with resources. Click the button below to send me a friend request AND message

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IMPORTANT: To start getting paid from your new wallet, transfer at least $500 or more to activate your monthly earnings. Transferring more, means earning more (8% - 12% per month)! Remember, it's doing you no good sitting in a wallet that doesn't pay you. Follow the instructions by clicking the button above marked 'Set Up Tutorials'

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